Wealth Management

Wealth management is broadly defined as a higher level professional service that combines both financial investment advice, retirement and estate planning and tax services as a single, bundled service.

While wealth management is generally provided for high net worth investors, in truth, anyone can take advantage of our Lower Mainland wealth management services.

What is the Difference Between Wealth Management and a Financial Advisor?

As suggested above, wealth management requires a holistic approach to managing your financial well being. While investment advisors tend to offer individual products to investors, wealth managers promote financial solutions that encompass multiple products.

No longer do you need to talk to an Insurance Advisor, and then a Financial advisor, followed by a tax accountant. All these services and more can be easily and effectively managed by your wealth management specialists at Associated Financial Services Inc.

Why Use Wealth Management?

The goal of wealth management is to provide you a full suite of services that are customized to your needs, your wants, and your future plans. Rather than simply selling you a life insurance policy, without knowing what the rest of your plans are, we look at your entire financial picture.

This helps us to ensure that the insurance policy we suggest slots into your current overall wealth management plan the correct way.

Our overall strategies are designed to maximize your returns, while minimizing the tax implications, so that you can achieve your financial goals in a safe and timely manner.

That way, whether you want to retire early, purchase an investment property or travel the world, your wealth manager is aware of what you want to do and can help you organize all your finances (not just your investments and insurance) around those wants and dreams.

This is why we offer wealth management services throughout the Lower Mainland to all our current and future clients. Because we want you to be successful and get everything you deserve. And the best way to do this is to have someone working for you to help you manage your entire financial portfolio. Not just banking and investments, but insurance, estate planning, taxes and more.

The more you know about your total financial picture the more comfortable you will be with our wealth management services.

To learn more about wealth management, or any of our other services, please Contact Us.